Calendar of Events

Articles of Faith

A Bible Baptist is one who believes in a supernatural Bible, which tells of a supernatural Christ, Who performed supernatural miracles, Who lived a supernatural life, Who diad a supernatural death, Who rose in supernatural power, Who ascended in supernatural splendor, Who intercedes as a supernatural priest, and Who will one day return in supernatural glory to establish a supernatural kingdom on the Earth

I. Of the Scriptures
II. Of the True God
III. Of the Holy Spirit
IV. Of the Devil, Or Satan
V. Of the Creation
VI. Of the Fall of Man
VII. Of the Virgin Birth
VIII. Of the Atonement for Sin
IX. Of Grace in the New Creation
X. Of the Freeness of Salvation
XI. Of Justification
XII. Of Repentance and Faith
XIII. Of the Church
XIV. Of Baptism and the Lord's Supper
XV. Of the Perseverance of the Saints
XVI. Of the Righteous and the Wicked
XVII. Of Civil Government
XVIII. Of the Resurrection and Return of Christ and Related Events
XIX. Of Missions
XX. Of the Grace of Giving